Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Introducing Waddington Road

If you loved Barbara J. Eikmeier's first two fabrics lines, you're in for a treat! Her latest collection, Waddington Road, was introduced at Fall Quilt Market and is now appearing in quilt shops. 

Sit back, relax, and enjoy this up close and personal look at the primitive prints of Waddington Road and Barb's story behind them. 

Q. How did this line come about?
BE: Paintbrush Studio asked if I would be interested in doing a primitive line. I said yes! But I didn't want it to be really dark--I wanted it to have brighter pops of color. The palette is a combination of warm reds and golds, with greens and blues mixed in. 

Q. Where did the name Waddington Road come from?
BE: Waddington Road is where my dad grew up, and it's where I would go and visit my grandma. I thought it would make a great name for a fabric collection. The color palette gives me that warm feeling of "going to grandma's house." One of the fabric designs was based on an apron my grandma had, and my grandma was a professional seamstress, so the buttons on another print are a nod to that. But it's as much about the warm and cozy feeling of the memories of going to visit grandma.
The actual Waddington Road where Barb's Grandma lived

Q. Let's talk about the scale of the prints.
BE: It's mostly smaller prints with a few medium scale prints worked in. And of course the plaids. I believe that primitive collections need to have a few plaids! 

Q. What excites you about these fabrics?
BE: I'm just tickled with the variety of possibilities in the color palette. You could make a red, tan and blue quilt and have it look patriotic. Or pair red and green with a little gold for a Christmas-y feel. To me, it's very versatile that way. I've been pondering making a pumpkin quilt using the oranges and tans and greens for fall. I haven't gotten tired of playing around with the fabrics--there is so much opportunity for different combinations!

Q. You also have a coordinating thread line, right?
BE: Yes! It's 50 wt thread in ten colors that correspond beautifully with the fabric line. I love the threads! They're so warm. I created an applique quilt pattern specifically for using the threads. 

On Thursday, we'll share quilts that Barb has made using Waddington Road, including a brand new medallion-style Block of the Month! 

See the entire Waddington Road collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.


  1. Beautiful fabrics and threads. I can't wait to see her medallion-style block.

  2. Beautiful - inspires my imagination.

  3. These truly are beautiful fabrics! I can picture a variety of the fabrics creating spectacular quilts! Thank you for sharing and I look forward to seeing what Medallion style block of the month patterns Barbara will be sharing with us!

  4. Love the story. Thank you for sharing. Beautiful fabric collection.

  5. Barb....this is fantastic. Oh how I wish I could make something with your gorgeous fabrics. You have an eye for color and the different tones, plus your designs are perfect. Right on !!! Your fabric collection will be very much in demand. If my hands were working right, then I myself would have a stack of your delightful fabrics right before me.

  6. Love theses and i can already see them in a quilt I have been wanting to do. Cant wait til they make it to my local shop.

  7. Love theses and i can already see them in a quilt I have been wanting to do. Cant wait til they make it to my local shop.