Thursday, December 1, 2016

Sweet & Breezy (and on the cover!)

Usually when we share magazine projects featuring our fabric, we show the project first and the magazine cover toward the bottom of the post. This time, we're flipping it around. Can you guess why? 

If you recognized prints from the Vintage 30's Ruby's Treasures collection in the cover quilt, you're right! Barbara Eikmeier designed the "Sweet & Breezy" quilt using the classic Weathervane block and her fabrics. The result? A bright and cheery quilt that brings a smile to your face. Below, Barb shares how she designed the quilt. 

Q. What block did you use?
BE: It’s a Weathervane block, and it was one of the blocks in Ruby’s 101 Patchwork Patterns. As I’ve designed quilts with the fabrics, I’ve been choosing patterns from her book to continue the celebration of Ruby McKim.


Q. How did you pair fabrics for each block? 
BE: This palette for the fabric line started with the solids and the prints were built to match, which is why they go together so well. I partnered each print with one of the solid colors that was in the print. I think the block showcases the Painter’s Palette Solids so nicely. 

Q. How did you decide which print to use for the outer border? 
BE: In the collection there are two prints that are more large-scale, and I tend to like those for borders. I picked the larger-scale yellow and blue print for the outer border, and then used the bright tonal yellow print for the sashing. It created such a bright and cheery quilt! 

Q. How does the quilt differ from your original design? 
BE: When I first designed the project, I had the solids and prints reversed in the block. But when you piece the corners, the prints get cut up. I thought it looked nice to have them be a bigger piece, so I flipped the position and was happier with it.

Q. Which is your favorite block color combination?
BE: The hot pink with the green. I’ve always liked pink and green together. 

Q. Tell us about the quilting.
BE: Denise Mariano quilted it. We were both really pleased with the quilting. I asked her to focus on the center of each block. She also added little feathered tree looking motifs in the print fabric “house” shapes. She was very creative with it.

Q. What do you like best about the quilt?
BE: Besides that it’s on the cover?! I just think it’s so cheerful, so bright. The colors in the collection, people have described them to me as being very clear. I also love the quilting on it. 

"Sweet & Breezy" designed by Barbara J. Eikmeier and quilted by Denise Mariano;
featured in the Winter 2016 issue of Fons & Porter's Easy Quilts

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  1. I like the blocks that are 2 shades of blue and the one with dark and light green. Great quilt!