Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Ro Gregg's Sophisticates

Ro Gregg is back again with a gorgeous line full of her signature style! Sophisticates is an enticing combination of red, black and white prints inspired by antique English fabrics. Twenty prints create plenty of variety in both value and scale in this dramatic new collection!

We asked Ro to talk about the Sophisticates collection: 

Q. What is so appealing to you about a red, black and white collection? 
Ro: Using red, black and white together creates an energized positive/negative effect. The color of black is dramatic and controlling. Red exudes a positive energy and warmth.  White is associated with purity and innocence; it is also a positive color. I love the drama of these colors being used together.

Q. You have done a red/black/white collection before, right?
Ro: Yes, Lady in Red was a vintage documentary collection that I did.  

Q. Describe the style of this collection.
Ro: This collection is a sophisticated mix of Damask, etched florals and scrolls. They all have been recreated from vintage documentary fabrics. The style is also where the name of the collection came from!

Q. How do you create varying values in a limited color palette?
Ro: Simply by using a positive/negative effect: black to white, black to red, red to white.

Q. How do you ensure there’s plenty of interest when working with a limited color palette?
Ro: By varying the scale of the designs. The prints in Sophisticates vary from medium to small with a larger Master floral and Damask as the focal fabrics.

Q. Do you have a favorite print?
Ro: The large Master floral has been gracefully recreated from English documentary fabrics. That’s my favorite.

Q. What do you envision these fabrics being used for?

Ro: I cannot wait to see these fabrics made into a quilt, large carpetbags, quilted jackets and other stunning garments.

The collection also includes two pre-quilted fabric combinations: 

A fat quarter bundle--deliciously red, white and black!

Find the entire Sophisticates collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.


  1. Yummy! My favorite colorway. Thanks.

  2. It is drama. I am always stunned by this color combination. I love working with it.

  3. Beautiful. The red is so deep!

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