Friday, June 17, 2016

Behind the scenes with Garden Rendezvous

Recently we showed you Ro Gregg's latest collection, Garden Rendezvous (and don't forget the placemat tutorial using these prints!). We're back with more from this decadent line today, as Ro shares the inspiration behind the fabrics! 

Q. What inspired you to feature irises?  
Ro: I have always had Irises and tulips in my garden. Over the years, I also have collected vintage documentary fabric of irises and tulips.  The Iris is a spiritual sign and dates back to the Goddess Iris in Greek mythology who was associated with the rainbow and the link between heaven and earth.
The Iris denotes royalty in its shades of dark blue and purple. The yellow iris symbolizes courage and admiration. I started with the Iris and added the tulip to create the master pattern. 

The tulip is another favorite of mine, and depending on its color, it denotes true love and friendship.

Q. Tell us about the panel. We love the border around the edge!
Ro: I do like designing panels with a decorative flair. I like to use them to emphasize the theme of the collection, in this case nature's gift of flowers and her influence in design. The tile border around the panel adds the illusion of dimension as well as surface texture while also introducing a geometric to the collection.

Q. This has such a soft, pretty palette, but then includes the pops of bolder colors. Why do you think that mix of soft and bold colors in this collection works so well?  
Ro: Spring colors evoke a sense of freshness and new beginnings. They help to shake off the winter doldrums. Vibrant colors add a sense of excitement. This is the perfect time to bring the outside in. Floral prints are a key way of doing this. Mixing lights, mediums and dark are essential for quilting as well as punching bright colors.

Q. Tell us about the stripe.                                    
Ro: The floral stripe is so versatile! It repeats just about 6 times across the fabric, so it’s easy to create instant borders. It is also great for bindings as there our several sections you cut out.

Q. We know you love the main iris print and the stripe; do you have a favorite from the coordinates?                  
Ro: I love the etched tulip and iris, especially the intensity of color.

Q. How did you come up with the coordinates?
Ro: There’s quite a variety of designs. My collections typically have a master pattern with most of the motifs in it.  Next is a secondary pattern that anchors the collection.  I like to have several different sizes of coordinates for quilting and a Master stripe for borders and binding.  Textures are a must—at least a light, medium and dark that are multi-textural, giving energy and depth to the line.

Q. What do you like best about the collection as a whole?                       
Ro: I love how the patterns work in the quilts—like on a stage, all performing beautifully.

Q. Anything else to share about Garden Rendezvous?             

Ro: Nature provides us with a variety of flowers and colors. It is just like having an Iris and tulip garden in full bloom when you’re quilting with Garden Rendezvous!

See the entire Garden Rendezvous collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.


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