Friday, April 8, 2016

Announcing our Final Four!

Our Mad for Solids bracket has been narrowed down to a Final Four! The voting was so close--it's so hard to choose between these gorgeous bundles! 

Introducing our Final Four:
Carnival by Shelley
Tropical Storm by Anne
Banff National Park by Lorna
Pop of Orchid by Stephanie

Click on the image to see it larger

Voting for the Final Four games (Carnival vs. Tropical Storm and Banff National Park vs. Pop of Orchid) will run Monday, April 11 from 12 pm CST through Tuesday 11:59 am CST.

Voting for the Championship Game will run Tuesday, April 12 from 12 pm CST through Wednesday at 11:59 am CST. On Wednesday afternoon (April 13th), we'll announce the winning palette! Everyone who votes in the Championship game will be eligible to win a bundle of 1-yard cuts from the winning palette!

Come back next week and cast your votes! 


  1. This has been fun, and also borderline cruel!!! Good luck to all!!!

  2. Oh no! My two favorites are pitted against each other:
    Banff National Park by Lorna vs Pop of Orchid by Stephanie
    at least I'll have the weekend to stew over it!

  3. Congratulations to all.Thanks for the fun.

  4. Banff National Park by Lorna McMahon!

  5. Tropical Storm though its a close tie with Bannif National Park =)

  6. YEA! Banff National Park!

  7. Planning a trip to Banff National Park this summer so my fave is no surprise - Banff National Park.

  8. Banff National Park by Lorna!!
    Carnival by Shelley Brooks!!

  9. Tropical storm by Anne Sullivan.
    Banff National Park by Lorna McMahon.

  10. Carnival by Shelley Brooks
    Pop of Orchid by Stephanie Palmer

    Love Banff but I am a sucker for anything in the violet colour range.

  11. Banff by Sew Fresh Quilts
    Tropical Storm by Play Craft is my second choice

  12. Banff by sew fresh
    Carnival by shelly Brooks

  13. 1 Carnival S. Brooks
    2 Pop of Orchid S. Palmer

  14. Championship- Carnival by Shelley Brooks