Thursday, September 24, 2015

Tribal Instincts by Ro Gregg

Color lovers, get ready! These are safari-inspired prints like you've never seen them before. Ro Gregg's Tribal Instincts collection features the classics you'd expect--elephants and zebras, but with a totally unexpected twist. 
Start with animals and add color. Lots of it! 
Coordinating geometric tonals offer restful support for these focal prints, allowing the animals to shine! Tribal Instincts comes in both a bright and an earthtone/teal colorway. Scroll down to see the prints and learn what Ro has to say about them. 

Q. What inspired Tribal Instincts?
Ro: I wanted to take quilters on safari with my new animal motifs and a twist of exotic drama. We are all members of a triple, whether cultural, religious, political, or community affiliations…even quilting classes!

Q.  Love the multicolor elephants! Can you tell us about them?
Ro:The elephants (along with the zebras) are the main focus of the collection. I think the elephants are subtle yet sophisticated; they’re realistic looking but filled with color. We need to embrace these precious animals and keep them safe. 

Q.  Can you talk about the two different types of zebra print?
Ro: I designed the focal zebras with more of a decorative novelty vibe, including filling them with color like the elephants. The zebra skin is more of an abstract pattern, and I think it will work really well as a texture. 

Q.  Can you tell us about the two color palettes you used?
Ro: These are two fantastic color palettes in 2015:
Warm earth colors of kangaroo brown, caramel, curry, cedar, gold tiger’s eye and peacock.
Global bright color ways of scarlet, emerald, tangelo, golden glow yellow and dramatic black. 

Q.  Favorite print in the collection?
Ro: My favorite pattern is the elephant. I love the current geometric background, and the vibrant colors give them personality. Elephants symbolize strength and are leaders are among the jungle animals. They are wise and have such incredible memories.

Want to get started using Tribal Instincts? 
Download the free Tribal Instincts pattern from our website, designed by Pine Tree Country Quilts. It's shown here in the earth tone colorway, but it would be equally fun in the brights! 
Download the free quilt pattern here.

See the entire Tribal Instincts pattern here and look for it in your local quilt shop.


  1. I love those elephant prints, too! And the zebra is mind-boggling. I can think of many uses for that one!

  2. Where can I buy all of the fabrics on-line still, October 19, 2015? Everywhere I look only a few of the prints are available!