Monday, May 11, 2015

Vintage Shirting Prints: Made in America

We know we've mentioned this fact before, but we're pretty excited about it, so we're giving it its own post!

Our new Vintage Shirting & Dress Prints collection by Barb Eikmeier is...

That's right! The cotton is grown in the US...

printed on a mill in South Carolina, 
and stacked on shelves in our Kansas City warehouse, ready and waiting to be shipped out to a quilt shop near you!

Why is the Vintage Shirtings and Dress Prints collection printed in the USA? 
Barb had so much detail to make the fabrics as historically accurate as possible-she was very specific with the types of designs and colors selected from her vintage quilt collection. We wanted everything to be as authentic as possible, so we researched printing in the USA. We were so excited to find a great quality of fabric to print on. It is very smooth and has a great hand, and is printed with premium quality dye stuff, which is richer and more vibrant than typical fabric dye.

The cotton is grown, spun, woven and printed, all in the USA. We are so very proud to be able to support our country! 

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"Vintage Sampler BOM" by Barb Eikmeier


  1. Fabulous sampler and Love the fabric combo!

  2. can't wait to buy some of those prints, thanks

  3. I've been looking at this sampler for the last few days and have to make it. guess I'll need some of those fabrics to do it right.