Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz, oh my!

Ro Gregg has done it again with a veritable treasure chest in her newest Marblehead collection, Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz! These rich prints have so much depth and play so nicely together, as well as with her previous Marblehead collections. Take a look and see what Ro has to say about these beauties!




Q. You’re back with a new collection of Marbleheads.
Ro: These three patterns are coming out as a sequel to the Marblehead story. Again, inspired by nature, specifically the popularity of natural stone. These fabrics are infused with what I call “jewel mania.”

Q. What did you really focus on when designing these prints?
Ro: The most important thing is the jumps of color. Quilters have told me that when they’re selected fabrics they want to see a light, a medium and a dark. The jewel pattern serves as the light pattern. Quartz falls into the medium category. The gemstone pattern sort of punches the color in quilts—it’s dark. It’s a myriad of color, which gives the illusion of depth. 

These prints will also meld with the Original, Global and Pastel Marblehead collections, creating a tremendous basic for quilting.

Q. Looking at these prints is like going to a jewelry store.

Ro: I took inspiration from gems and stayed with a luminous jewel-tone theme—amethyst, aquamarine, garnet, sapphire, emerald, pearl, onyx… The depth of color and saturation of brightness varies through the three patterns.

We're offering a free pattern on our website featuring Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz:
"Marblehead Gems" designed by Pine Tree Country Quilts

See the entire Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz collection here.
Download the free Marblehead Gems quilt pattern here.


  1. These fabrics are wonderful. I love the patterns and the colors are absolutely beautiful! I would recommend to any fabric lover.

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