Thursday, March 19, 2015

Marblehead Madness - Games 3 & 4

Are you ready to vote? We've selected 16 Marblehead prints for our Marblehead Madness bracket! Over the next few weeks, these fabrics will be "competing" against each other for the title of "Favorite Marblehead Fabric."

Meet today's contestants:

 Salt & Pepper
One of the brand-new Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz Marbleheads,
this sparkling beauty turns heads with it "Salt & Pepper"
appearance--onyx? diamonds? A girl's (and a quilt's) best friend!

Luscious Lime
Straight from Ro's Global Brights Marbleheads,
"Luscious Lime" has as many shades of green as a garden ready to bloom.
Perfect for some bold contrast in your next quilt.

Nail Polish Pink
Another from Ro's Global Brights Marbleheads,
"Nail Polish Pink" lives up to its name--cheery, sassy, and bright,
it's like that can't-live-without shade of polish or lipstick. 

From Ro Gregg's original Marblehead collection, "Patina"
has that gorgeous pairing of copper with greenish-blue.
This unique color combination, so appealing in architecture,
can enhance a quilt with neutral or brown hues.

In the comments section, please vote once for each of the competitions: 
Voting is now closed.

"Salt & Pepper" vs. "Luscious Lime" (choose your favorite)

"Nail Polish Pink" vs. "Patina" (choose your favorite)

Vote for these two competitions through Friday 3/20 @ 9 am. 
See the full bracket here.


  1. Luscious Lime and Nail Polish pink

  2. Salt and Pepper, and Nail Polish Pink.

  3. Luscious Lime & Nail Polish Pink

  4. Luscious líme and Nail polish pink

  5. Salt and Pepper

  6. Luscious lime & nail polish pink

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