Wednesday, January 28, 2015

The Alternative Party: Soup-er Bowl Sunday

In case you missed the news in amongst all the stories about the East Coast snowstorm (how's the shoveling going, New Englanders?), the Super Bowl is this Sunday. If you're a Super Bowl or even just a Super Bowl party fan, we've got a Pinterest board just for you, with all kinds of fun, creative ideas for a party. You can find it here.

But...if the mere mention of the Super Bowl makes you want to curl up in a ball under a quilt and plug your ears for the ridiculous amount of time the game and commercials seem to last, we have a suggestion (and a Pinterest board!) for you too! 

It's not just about the football. Or the commericals.
Have a Non Super Bowl Sunday Party. 
Whether it's just you, you and a friend, or you and your ten closest sewing buddies, do the day up in style. How, you ask?

First, take inspiration from the name of this practically national holiday. Soup-er Bowl. That's right! 

1. Serve Soup. 
Here are a couple of our favorites:

Find the pin here.

Find the pin here.

2. Pick a Project
Keep with the soup theme and try one of these:

Find the pin here.

Find the pin here.

...or check out our Pinterest board for some other one-afternoon/evening projects like mug rugs, table runners, and more. Or just pull out your current project in the works--everyone else is watching football, so you have an afternoon and evening's worth of "free" time to sew on whatever you like. 

3. Don't watch the game.
Easy! You'll be sewing with your friends and eating soup...what more could you ask for on a winter Sunday evening?

There you go--a recipe for a non-Super Bowl Sunday Party with sewing friends! See more ideas here.

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