Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Last-Minute Gifts: The Ornament

Your neighbor or coworker brought you an unexpected plate of cookies or scented candle--a delightful surprise, don't have anything for her! You have three basic options:
a) Say thank you and enjoy it--not all gifts have to be reciprocal
b) Run out to the store or start baking so you can return the favor
c) Whip up a few of these cute ornaments--they're simple to make and you won't be caught empty-handed again!

Our ornament uses a metallic snowflake print and a red/white/gold holly print from the Season's Greetings collection, plus a green and a black print from the Marblehead collection. And...drop them all you want! They're beautiful but they won't break!
You'll Need:
6" square fabric piece (for ornament background)
6" square piece (for ornament backing)
2" x 6" fabric piece for each strip (3 total)
2" x 3" black/gray fabric piece for ornament cap
10" of coordinating ribbon
5-3/4" square piece of fusible fleece
Fusible web

Download the pdf of template pieces here.

Step 1: Trace the template pieces onto the paper side of fusible web. You'll need one full ornament shape, stripes #2, 3, and 4, and the rectangular ornament cap. (Note: Ornament pieces #1 and 5 are included as well, in case you'd like your ornament to be made up of five different fabrics rather than having the background fabric show. If you choose to use all 5 stripes, fuse the full ornament shape onto muslin to serve as a base.) 
Step 2: Cut out each shape 1/4" past the drawn lines and fuse to the wrong side of the appropriate fabric. 

Step 3: Cut out each shape on the drawn lines. Position the three stripes on the full ornament, layering stripe #3 first and then stripes #2 and 4 on top. Fuse into place.

Step 4: Layer the backing piece right side down and position the fusible fleece on top, fusible side down. Using a pressing cloth, fuse the fleece to the backing fabric. Position the ornament front on top of the fleece and fuse in place, using a pressing cloth. 

Step 5: Cut out all layers, following the ornament shape. Here's what the back will look like:

Step 6: Embellish with decorative stitching if you like. We used metallic thread and a star stitch to add detail to the green stripes. 
Step 7: Zig zag or buttonhole stitch around the outer edge of the ornament (except for the ornament top--this will be covered by the fabric cap.
Step 8: Fold the fabric cap piece in half and finger press so you can see the fold line. Position under the ornament as shown so the fold line is even with the top of the ornament. Find the center of the ribbon and lay on top of the ornament. Fold the cap down and fuse to secure. Flip over and fuse the cap on the back side as well. 

Step 9: Tie a knot in the ribbon for hanging.
Here's your finished ornament!

Just for fun, we made a second ornament using jewel-tone colored Marbleheads with the snowflake print. Love the depth the Marblehead prints give these ornaments! 

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  1. Beautiful will have too find time too make a few of them .Thankyou.