Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Hexies in miniature

Ro Gregg's new collection comes with much fanfare--laden with rich colors, metallic gold accents, and symbolic motifs, so its name, Asian Fanfare, fits extremely well!

Check out the swatches below and then keep reading to hear the story behind Ro's designs.

Q. Tell us about your new collection, Asian Fanfare.
Ro: I found inspiration from Chinese culture—Oriental fans have been involved in Chinese artwork for centuries. They are viewed as good luck and symbolize generosity. I showcased a variety of designs—cranes, peacocks, goldfish, dragons and butterflies. I picked these because they were some of the most popular motifs and each sign means something—they represent wealth, longevity, immortaility, love, romance and dignity.

Q. Why did you choose hexagon shapes for the medallion print?
Ro: I wanted the line to have something geometric in it—I thought it would add interest and flair. It's a perfect shape for showcasing the florals, the peacocks, and the other symbols. The hexagon shapes are very versatile—they can be fussy cut, or used as a border print (like in the free pattern at the bottom of this post).

Q. What about the scale of these prints?
Ro: The idea behind the collection is that the scale of the designs is miniature. I was going for delicacy of design in a very small scale. These are very delicately printed, and the metallic gold creates an etched feeling.

Q. How do the focal prints tie together?
Ro: I started with the hexagon medallions, but then carried the miniature designs into the fan print. The allover stripe is really stunning and showcases the different symbols as well.

Q. And what about the coordinates?
Ro: The peacock feather has that same delicate feel, and the metallic lattice works on its own and pulls out the idea of stripes and textures. It has a lacy allover feeling. The pindot has a multi-texture feel. The lacy metallic gold accent runs throughout, creating a beautiful shimmer and is an accent to many of the dramatic black backgrounds in the collection.

Q. What makes these prints special?
Ro: All of these symbolic motifs bring such good wishes of love, romance, good fortunes and more—that whether you're making a quilt for yourself or giving it away—it's a gift with a positive message.

We have a free quilt pattern to share with you using Ro's Asian Fanfare collection:

"Asian Fans" by Terry Albers
Download the pattern here.

See the entire Asian Fanfare collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.

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