Monday, September 8, 2014

The Beauty of Bella

We're here to inject beauty into your Monday with an introduction to Ro Gregg's Bella collection. Ro pairs her specialty, traditional floral prints, with modern accents--ombre stripes, geometric black and cream prints, and rich tonals. Scroll down to feast your eyes on this gorgeous collection and read about how Ro designed it!

Q. What inspired the Bella collection?
Ro: The rose is my favorite flower. It actually is the queen of flowers. I am a romantic at heart and Bella is a traditional romantic collection with a contemporary flair, perfect for creating an updated cottage look.

Q. Can you tell us more about the roses you included?
Ro: Roses symbolize elegance and delicate beauty and are also the traditional symbol of love. I have designed the floral prints in varying sizes to create the perfect mix and matching of patterns for quilters to use.

Q. Tell us about your favorite print in the collection.
Ro: My favorite print is the 24" floral panel, which is a masterpiece of 17 screens that will make any quilt an heirloom with its display of roses in full bloom. The panel creates a center canvas for a quilt and works perfectly together with the other coordinates to make breathtaking projects.

Q. Can you talk about the color palette you chose?
Ro: The color palette includes delectable pastels showcased on dramatic black: vanilla cream, robin's egg blue, rose nectar, sage and peach frappe. Peach pink and coral roses symbolize sincerity, appreciation, desire, and enthusiasm which are all traits  of quilters.

Q. The ombre stripes and the border stripes are gorgeous! How did you come up with them?
Ro: I designed the ombre stripe print to add highlight color. It is very versatile and works perfectly as an all over print or a stripe. I also have incorporated the ombre stripe in a patched fashion within the floral stripe, where it gives the appearances of pieced work.

Q. How did you name the collection?
Ro: The name ''Bella'' means beautiful—it has an Italian/Latin origin. I believe the name speaks for the collection!

See the entire Bella collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.