Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Let's Celebrate!

What are you doing to celebrate Earth Day? What, nothing?! 

If you think about it, quilters are the ultimate recyclers. We take something that already exists (fabric, batting, thread) and repurpose it into something that's not only new, but more beautiful than it was! 
Okay, so maybe the fabric, batting and thread were created in the first place just so we could do this, but hey, that's splitting hairs! 

What can you do, quilting-wise, to help the Earth? Here are few suggestions:

  • Piece scraps of batting together to make what you need for a larger quilt. Find a tutorial here. You can also use batting scraps for smaller projects, like hotpads, mug rugs, and wallets, or use them as padding in boxes when you ship items.
  • Save those fabric scraps! Even small pieces and skinny strips can be used in beautifully scrappy string quilts. See some mouth-watering examples here.
  • Love those online patterns? If you can, save paper by following the pattern on your computer or tablet screen rather than printing it out. 

Find a few more thrifty (and Earth-friendly) quilting tips here.

So go ahead! Celebrate the Earth by making time to sew today!
Happy Earth Day!

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