Thursday, February 13, 2014

Quick & Easy Valentine's Day Cards

Can you believe how much store-bought greeting cards cost these days? Who needs 'em when you can make your own?

Grab some cardstock (or a package of plain cards and envelopes from your local craft shop) and follow these easy steps to make a simple Valentine card for someone special.


  • Cardstock or pre-folded card (ours measure 4.25" x 5.5", so the heart templates are sized accordingly)
  • Fabric scraps (we used Marblehead!)
  • Glue stick

Download the pdf of heart templates here.

Don't these Valentine-colored Marblehead prints just put you in a hearts-and-chocolate kind of mood?!

To make the 3-heart card:

Step 1: Cut out the paper heart shapes. Choose your desired fabrics, and pin a heart shape to each fabric.

Step 2: Cut out each heart shape. Position them on the card front in an arrangement you like.

Step 3: Remove the hearts from the card front and apply the glue stick to the card approximately where the first heart will go. Smooth the fabric heart down over the glue.

Step 4: Stitch the heart to the card (tip: don't forget to open the card before stitching!) close to the outer edge of the heart. 

Step 5: Repeat with the second and third hearts.

You're done!

To make the patchwork heart card:
Step 1: Cut three 1" x 5" red strips and three 1" x 5" pink strips. Sew them together, alternating colors, to make a pieced unit.

Step 2: Position the cut out heart template on top, pin in place, and cut the shape out.

Step 3: Apply the glue stick to the card front approximately where the heart will go. Smooth the heart into place. Stitch around the outer edge of the heart using a straight stitch, zig zag, or buttonhole stitch (we used a buttonhole here).

You're done!

Write a message on the inside of your card and deliver to your Valentine! 

Happy Valentine's Day!

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