Friday, October 11, 2013

Call of the Sea

There's something so compelling about lighthouses and the sea/ocean. 
It's calm, peaceful...iconic.
Which is why we can't resist it in fabric! 

We think you'll love the soft, watercolor feel of Harbor Point:
Lighthouses and schooners in a large print

Anchors, ropes and seashells

Ocean love in seashells

Also in beige for contrast

Love the simplicity of this print!

Pair these Harbor Point prints with Marblehead to create this beautiful ocean themed quilt, called Lighthouse Harbor, designed by Airborne Heirlooms. The lighthouse and adjoining house are appliqued; the sailboat blocks are paper pieced. This quilt will allow you to practice all your skills!
"Lighthouse Harbor" designed by Airborne Heirlooms
Find the free pattern for this quilt here.

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