Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Take our Paisley quiz!

How much do you know about paisley? 
Take our little quiz (interspersed with some of our favorite new prints!) and see how you do, and then check out our latest collection, Royal Paisley, and a gorgeous free quilt pattern using these regal fabrics. 
(Find answers to the quiz questions at the bottom of this post.)

1. Paisley is:
a) The last name of a country singer
b) A textile-focused town in southwest Scotland
c) A design motif of Indian or Persian origin
d) All of the above

2. The paisley shape is also called:
a) Persian pickles
b) American amoebas
c) Welsh pears
d) British kidneys

3. The design is thought to resemble:
a) A palm tree
b) A mango
c) A twisted teardrop
d) A stylized floral spray

4. The western name for this design came from:
a)  The French word "pays," which means "country"
b) Named after an 18th century French aristrocrat who favored gowns featuring the motif
c) The Scottish town of Paisley where paisley designs were produced starting in the 19th century
d) The English word "pay" because the woven motif was so expensive to produce

5. What is thought to have enhanced the paisley motif's popularity in the late 1960s?
a) The Beatles' pilgrimmage to India, which generated interest in Indian culture and spirituality
b) Breakthroughs in men's fashion, specifically ties
c) An interest in southeast Asia brought about U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War
d) Paisley print gowns for women and ties for men worn at the Academy Awards

5. What country sported paisley trousers during the opening ceremony of the 2010 Winter Olympics?
a) India
b) Azerbaijan
c) Scotland
d) Pakistan

Here's a look at the entire collection:

This beautiful star quilt, measuring 70" square, uses three different blocks to create an intricate overall design. How many stars do you see? 
Download the free pattern for "Royal Court," designed by Tammy Silvers, here.

Find the entire Royal Paisley collection here.

Quiz answers: 1. d; 2. a and c; 3. a, b, c, and d; 4. c; 5. a; 6. b

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  1. This was so much fun! I thought I knew about paisleys but you showed me different! :P Love this collection, too!

    Sandy A