Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Top 5 Reasons We Love the South!

1. Sweet tea: This cool, refreshing, sugary goodness is a staple of the South.
Photo: http://www.countrysbarbecue.com/2012/07/sweet-tea/
2. Gone with the Wind: Fabulous dresses. Clark Gable as the dashing Rhett Butler. Civil War drama. Star-crossed lovers. Arguable one of the best American films ever (and not too shabby of a book, either--thank you, Margaret Mitchell!)
Photo: imdb.com

3. Year round pleasant climate: While much of the United States is FINALLY starting to see spring, you can bet that the southern half of the country didn't have to drag out snow shovels in April (or March, or February). Instead, they've been enjoying these for months:
Photo: www.dutchbulbs.com

4. Our new Belle of the South fabric collection: Magnolias--what could be more quintessentially Southern? Two focal prints, three medium florals in contrasting colors, and an array of smaller prints to round out the line. 
Belle of the South fabric collection

5. This one's a bit of a teaser: Watch for a Blogging Design Ring tutorial featuring Belle of the South coming soon!

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  1. I can do without the Sweet Tea, I know (Mock Horror!) but my husbands veins are filled with the stuff. However, breakfast without Grits, now that is another story!