Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Taste of spring, photo style!

As yet another snowstorm is making its way across the U.S. (apparently Mother Nature didn't get the memo that March is supposed to begin leading into nicer weather!), we'd like to offer a tantalizing taste of spring.

We've taken photos of crocuses, tulips, and bleeding hearts and matched them up with swatches of some of our favorite Fabri-Quilt prints. Below each image, we've listed the selected fabrics.

How'd we do? Do you like our choices? 

Have you ever tried something like this? It's a great exercise because you work solely based on color and often mix and match collections that you wouldn't have considered putting together. 

Want to play along? Pick your own photo and match up coordinating Fabri-Quilt prints from our website. Email us your photo and selected fabric prints (you can right click and save the digital swatches from our website on a PC, or simply drag them into a folder on a Mac), and we'll share some of our favorites here on the blog. 
If we share your picture, you might win a fat quarter bundle! 

Send your photos to fabriquiltblog (at) by Tuesday, March 12th for a chance to win. 

One more can also simply email us a photo and we'll choose a couple that are sent in and match fabrics for you. You won't be eligible to win by just sending a photo, but if you'd like to see how your favorite picture matches up with our fabric, send away!

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