Monday, January 21, 2013

Catching up with Sara Trail

Getting to know fabric designer Sara...10 questions, 10 answers! 

Most recent place you've found design inspiration: Goodwill and Salvation Army. I love to refashion old denim and army jackets into fabulous, edgy statement pieces. The Disney Channel is showing a 90 second show where I demonstrate upcycling denim. Making this small program was lots of fun! :)

Latest book you've read: "I'll Walk Alone" by Mary Higgins Clark. I love to read but I don't like reading text books! College requires so much reading. When I can read for pleasure it is a well-enjoyed treat.
What you're working on now: I am currently working on an art quilt that will express my concern regarding the wave of violence against women in other countries. 

Favorite color: Red. I love to use reds with black or whites. I like to wear "contrasty" bold colors in my wardrobe to stand out and look unique amongst the students at UC Berkeley.

A recent great meal: The Texas Roadhouse. I am not a big red meat eater but I LOVE BBQ ribs from this restaurant. My parents will sometimes bring me a rack of ribs to my dorm room and by the time all of my friends get a taste, I only have a small portion left to eat myself. I have yet to convince my folks to bring me two slabs. I love salads, and if it weren't for Texas Roadhouse , I honestly would be a vegetarian.

How you get through winter: Sewing! Sewing!! Since I am now a college student, I don't have as much free time anymore. I enjoyed a long winter break and made Christmas gifts, including a full-sized quilt for my 84-year-old grandma Emma in Alabama (complete with pillow shams). I used Folk Heart fabric and left the selvege edges visible because she wanted it that way. Grandma is proud of my fabrics and shows my work to all of her friends. :)

Coffee or tea? Neither. I like the way coffee smells but I don't drink it, or tea. I LOVE hot chocolate with marshmallows or whipped cream. Whenever I can, I make it at my dorm room and I have a small fridge that keeps a can of real whipped cream fresh for me.

Favorite Friday night activity: I love to go to slam poetry readings in cafes and small restaurants. I am too self-conscious to present poems, but I love to watch my friends. 

What you are excited about right now: MY BIRTHDAY! I will be 18 yrs old on February 19th! I hope my folks will spring for a nice party with lots of good food for me and my buddies! (Dad and mom if you're reading this please consider this :)

Which fabric line is your favorite? I love Folk Heart but Biology 101 is special too. I designed an art quilt and bedding with Biology 101. The art quilt I named "The Mermaid A Nubian Treasure." It was part of a mermaid themed art quilt show in North Carolina last fall and is now hanging in my parents' bedroom!

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