Monday, August 27, 2012

Marblehead: Inspired by a Bath Makeover

A few years ago Ro Gregg started researching different types of marble for a master bath addition at her house. The choices—both color and style—seemed limitless. 
Photo: The Warwick Hotel, Seattle (website)

The marble idea moved from Jacuzzi tub to cotton. Many marble samples later, she had a new fabric line in the works, Marblehead. ''I wanted to do a special tribute to the environment,'' Ro says.

She introduced print based on five different types of natural stone: texture marble, multi-granite, alabaster, granite, and a cracked marble. The line began with ''just'' 55 colors, ranging from earth tones to more vibrant shades. ''It's a new mutli-dimensional basic—quilters can use it across the board for color'' she explains. ''It'll work with everything." Each print has areas of lights, mediums, and darks for greater variety.
A small sampling of Marblehead swatches

Ro didn't stop there. The Marblehead collection expanded to include a Christmas line called Metallic Christmas, Global Brights, and coordinating Stained Glass/Tuscan Tile patterns. The collection now numbers over 200 prints, and growing! We'll be introducing some additions to the line this fall.
Metallic Christmas prints

Global Brights

Metallics and Tile Prints

Stained Glass

Oh, and Ro's bathroom makeover that inspired this whole line? Well, rumor has it the project isn't quite finished. But luckily for us, we've got all these marble-inspired fabrics to play with! Thanks Ro!

p.s. If you're inspired by these gorgeous prints, head on over to our website to download the free quilt patterns using this fabric. If you're already registered, simply log in and click on "Free Patterns." If you're not yet registered, please sign up!

Here's a sneak peek at two of the patterns showcasing these fabrics:

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  1. Love the Marblehead line of fabrics. They would be perfect to add to my collection for art quilts!