Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Loving the Red, White and Blue: Valor

Patriotism isn't just for holidays--red, white and blue color combination works year-round, creating classic American-themed quilts. Ro Gregg took a patriotic turn with her latest collection, Valor, which is richly colored and full of so much variety! From Marblehead-style basics to echoing stars, wavy stripes, traditional stars, and a sketched-style star, if you can dream it in red, white and blue, you can find it here! 

We asked Ro to talk to us about her new Valor fabrics:

Q. What inspired you to create a patriotic themed line?
Ro: The word "valor" has a Latin root that means to be strong. This collection is dedicated to the men and women that serve this country and their gallant bravery.

Q. Can you talk about a couple favorite prints in the line?
Ro: The large sketched outline star is my favorite...sort of a modern version of the star of honor.  The multi red, white and blue gemstone is very festive and reminds me of confetti.

Q. It’s so fun to see the Marblehead prints resurface here! Can you tell us about that?
Ro: I love it too! The prints are so universal and look great in the multicolor red, white and blue as well as the patriotic multi-tones of reds and blues. The Marblehead designs work in all quilts as a staple.
Q. Can you tell us about how the varying backgrounds—both white and cream-- change the look of the fabrics?
Ro: I used both the pure white and also a cream for a vintage look if quilters are making antique-looking quilts.

Q. Why did you decide to do three different styles of stars?
Ro: I used three different types of stars and sizes to create diversity for quilt makers. The stars work together or can stand alone, providing plenty of options.

Q. What do you envision these fabrics being used for?
Ro: So many things! Quilts of Valor, quilts for service people, school banners. Of course it’s a perfect collection for a presidential election year as well.

Find the entire Valor collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop. 

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