Monday, April 6, 2015

Marblehead Madness: Choose the winner!

We've had so much fun these last couple weeks seeing how you've voted to pick the favorite Marblehead Madness print! With your help, we've narrowed it down to two:

Deep Sapphire and Her Royal Highness

Find voting details below, as well as a chance to win some Marblehead fabric for yourself!

But first, here's a look at the entire brightly colored bracket, from 16 down to 2:

Back to today's contenders:

Deep Sapphire
One of the brand-new Gemstones, Jewels & Quartz Marbleheads,
"Deep Sapphire" sports a vibrant depth usually found
in the eyes of romance novel heroes.

Her Royal Highness 
From Ro Gregg's original Marblehead collection,
we're calling this multi-colored beauty "Her Royal Highness" (HRH).
Deep indigo and blue accented with pink and yellow--
so gorgeous as a quilt border!

To cast your vote for the Marblehead Madness winner, leave a comment below, letting us know if you choose Deep Sapphire or Her Royal Highness. From the comments, we'll randomly draw two winners who will each receive 3 yards of Marblehead fabric. Voting is open through Tuesday, April 7th at 11:59 pm EST. Both the Marblehead Madness winner and fabric winners will be announced on Wednesday.


  1. I thought I really loved Her Royal High e's until I saw Deep Sapphire up next to it. Deep Sapphire is my choice for the winner!

  2. Her Royal Highness

    Been interesting to watch the "play off". Are we "blue"?

  3. Deep Sapphire.....Fingers crossed for a Wisconsin victory

  4. Wow. This is tough for me as I love purple, but I have to go with the Deep Sapphire. That's such a gorgeous color.

  5. I really like the Deep Sapphire. x

  6. Her Royal Highness

  7. Such a tough choice. I will go with Her Royal Highness.

  8. Like them both!!!!! Her royal highness.

  9. Her Royal Highness, Go Duke. Thanks

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