Thursday, August 21, 2014

Warm or Cool?

Sometimes fabric collections are short but sweet, just a few key prints that call your name.
That's definitely how we'd describe Cassandra, a four-print leaf and paisley collection that comes in both warm and cool colorways.

We've paired each colorway with some richly textured tonals to show you how you can expand a few favorite prints with some classic favorites.

For the cool colors, we grabbed five Marblehead prints:

See all our Marblehead prints by Ro Gregg here.

For the warm colors, we chose five bold batiks:

See all of our Batiks here and here.

What grabs you, the cool or the warm colorway? 


  1. Warm. Usually I am a "cool" person and I do like the greens and blue, but I really like the way the warm colors with the gray in these prints. I also like batiks .... :) Pat

  2. Warm! The yellow orange makes the purples POP.

  3. Hard to choose, but this time I'm "cool".