Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Take a trip...

Ready for a virtual vacation?
Head with us to Portofino, a quaint, colorful fishing village on the Italian Riveria.
Inspired by a trip to this charming harbor, Ro Gregg created her vibrant watercolor-style fabric collection, Portofino. We asked Ro to introduce us to her new fabrics.

Q. Why Portofino?
Ro: When you go to a place like this, it stays in your mind. It's so beautiful. Portofino was originally just a fishing village that is now a beautiful resort destination--a gorgeous harbor surrounded by mountains.
Painterly details in the focal print

Q. The palette for these fabrics is so appealing.
Ro: It’s bold and saturated. Sun-kissed orange and yellow, emerald green, regal reds, and of course the cobalt blues from the sea. The colors of the rainbow, really.


Q. Tell us about the boats.
Ro: You still see many of the charming wooden fishing boats among the yachts. It’s part of the culture—even the variety of colors. The fishermen have them tied up to the docks.

Q. What is your favorite memory that made it into the fabric?
Ro: The sunset particularly stayed with me. You can take a cruise around the harbor while the sun is setting, and the colors are so vibrant. You just indulge yourself in the colors. This shows up in the fabric with the silhouetted sailboats—my favorite.

Q. And the houses?
Ro: The area is also famous for the colorful houses on the hills. When you get into the harbor, you see them all around.

See the entire collection here and ask for it at your local quilt shop.

What would you make with Portofino? Come back later this week and we'll share some ideas (including a free quilt pattern).