Thursday, April 2, 2015

Marblehead Madness: Final Four (game 2)

It's the second day of our Final Four voting! Which will you choose...Ocean Azul or Her Royal Highness? Help us decide who will be in the championship!

Ocean Azul

Straight from Ro's Global Brights Marbleheads,
everything about "Ocean Azul" says beach beauty.
Who wouldn't love to dip their toes into water like this?

Her Royal Highness 
From Ro Gregg's original Marblehead collection,
we're calling this multi-colored beauty "Her Royal Highness" (HRH).
Deep indigo and blue accented with pink and yellow--so gorgeous as a quilt border!

Vote for your favorite by leaving a comment below.
Her Royal Highness or Ocean Azul

Voting ends Friday, April 3rd at 9 am CST.

Watch for our championship game to be posted on Monday!


  1. I like the darker color of Her Royal Highness

  2. Her Royal those bright pops of color!

  3. Her Royal Highness (it's beautiful)

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