Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Ode to Paisley

Paisley is so easy to love, isn't it?!

Here are two odes to paisley, one by Patti Masterman and featured on, 
and another (a little more tongue-in-cheek) by us.

Paisley World
by Patti Masterman
We can live in a paisley world,
Of colors, all mixed up in swirls.
We can hide in the subterfuge,
Blend in with the curling hues.

For some reverse and some contain
Patterns, to confound the brain.
Some double back, the very same way,
And some are mute, and some delayed.

We won't talk so they won't hear
Words between us, that make clear
A paisley world is best for us;
But plaid works just as well, I trust. 

And our attempt:
Paisley, a traditional beauty with classic lines!
From your rounded body to your pointy tail, 
overlapping with curlicues and leaves, 
how we love thee! 

 All that poetry to introduce classic soon-to-be-favorite fabric collection, Lauren
In all seriousness, though, we do love a good paisley pattern, and we think you'll love this new line with paisleys and more!
Deep greens and rich reds play together in paisleys and coordinating prints, perfect for your next project. 

A spotlight on a few of our particular favorites:

See close-ups of all the fabrics in this collection here.

We have two free quilt patterns featuring Lauren to share with you:
Download a free pattern for Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar's Lauren quilt here on our website.

Are 2-1/2" wide strip quilt patterns more your style? You're in luck! We have one of those too, called Paisley Peaks, also by Sue and Sandy, using the Lauren Snack Pack: forty-two 2-1/2" wide strips from this gorgeous collection. Click here to download the free pattern. (You'll find additional Snack Pack quilt patterns on this page too!)

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